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40E-61 Supporting Technical Document (Lake Okeechobee WOD) application/pdf 4.86 MB
Keeping Water and Nutrients in the Root Zone of Citrus Trees application/pdf 643.17 KB
Evaluation of Agricultural Impoundments for Reducing Farm-scale P Discharge in South Florida application/pdf 2.28 MB
Using Precision Agriculture Technology for Precise Placement and Variable Rate Fertilizer Application application/pdf 1.28 MB
Summary of Nutrient Leaching and BMPs for Turf application/pdf 381.61 KB
Soil Properties Pertinent to Horticulture in Florida application/pdf 779.08 KB
Land Application of Compost and Other Wastes (By-Products) in Florida application/pdf 247.11 KB
Keeping Water and Nutrients in the Root Zone of Vegetables application/pdf 1001.47 KB
Use of Irrigation Technologies for Production of Horticultural Crops in Florida application/pdf 1.3 MB
Improving Fertilizer Use Efficiency for Horticultural Crops application/pdf 262.43 KB
Florida Nursery BMP Practices application/pdf 218.92 KB
Effect of El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) on the number of "leaching rain" events in Florida and implications on nutrient management application/pdf 524.52 KB
Diagnostic Nutrient Testing application/pdf 567.55 KB
Deciduous and Tropical_Subtropical Fruits application/pdf 872.58 KB
Florida Commercial Horticultural Production: Constraints Limiting Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency application/pdf 103.04 KB
BMP Workshop Draft-Management of Fertilizers and Water for Ornamental Plants in Urban Landscapes: Current Practices and Impacts on Water Resources application/pdf 284.14 KB
Greenhouse and Field Evaluations of Limestone and Gypsum for reducing Phosphorus leaching and runoff from Beef Cattle Pastures application/pdf 3.39 MB
Evaluation of Cow-calf Best Management Practices With Regards to Nutrient Discharges in the Lake Okeechobee Basin application/pdf 1.6 MB
Pasture Water Management to Reduce Nutrient Runoff (2005-2009) application/pdf 1.11 MB
Influence of Cattle Stocking Rate on Runoff Water Quality (1998-2003) application/pdf 1.65 MB
C-139 and Western Basins Best Management Practices (BMPs) Grant Program application/pdf 423.98 KB
C-139 Basin BMP Evaluation of Above Ground Impoundments (AGI) - Hydrologic Assessment of a Modified AGI application/pdf 697.08 KB
C-139 Basin BMP Evaluation of Above Ground Impoundments (AGI) - Hydraulic Assessment of an AGI application/pdf 1.01 MB
C&B Farms - Impoundment Optimization Demonstration Project application/pdf 14.09 MB
C-139 Basin Vegetable Production Demonstration Project application/pdf 997.35 KB
C-139 Vegetable Production Demonstration Project, May 27, 2009 application/pdf 1001.06 KB