Closures and Notices

Due to construction activities, the A-1 FEB northwest levee is currently CLOSED to the public. Visitors can view this map of A-1 FEB to avoid areas with construction activities.  

Located in southern Palm Beach County west of U.S. Highway 27, the A-1 Flow Equalization Basin (FEB) is the largest of three constructed storage features in the State of Florida's Restoration Strategies Plan to improve water quality in the Everglades. The 15,000-acre shallow reservoir is used to capture and temporarily store peak stormwater flows, holding water up to 4 feet deep. The water is then directed at a controlled rate to two nearby Stormwater Treatment Areas (STAs) to improve the ability of the treatment wetlands to remove nutrients such as phosphorus from the water before it is sent to the Everglades.

In June 2017, the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) Governing Board approved public access for the A-1 FEB, opening thousands of additional acres to residents and visitors to enjoy the outdoors. Like the STAs it works with, the A-1 FEB offers a variety of nature-based recreational activities. Visitors can enjoy hiking, bicycling and wildlife viewing from approximately 30 miles of levees in and around the reservoir. The site is also open to fishing year-round and waterfowl and alligator hunting on specific dates.

The recreation area is open all day on Fridays through Sundays for regularly permitted activities.

For More Information:

News Release: SFWMD Expanding Access at the A-1 Flow Equalization Basin for Public Recreation

Contact the FWC for details about hunting at (561) 625-5122 or visit

For all other inquiries, please call the SFWMD recreation hotline at (866) 433-6312 or visit


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission manages hunting on SFWMD lands. Please visit regarding current hunt dates, regulations and directions to check stations to ensure the most accurate and latest information.

Vehicle Access

  • The use of licensed motorized vehicles is allowed by all users along the designated public access levee around the FEB.  Speed limit on the levee is 20 MPH. Trailers and motorized boats are prohibited except electric trolling motors are allowed.  Special Use License is not required.


The entrance is located at Mile Marker 60 on the west side of U.S. Highway 27, approximately 12 miles north of the Broward-Palm Beach county line.