Compute Your Use and See How Much YOU Can Save

Unlike typical water use calculators, this calculator is designed to give you two key pieces of information:

  1. How much water you are currently consuming on a daily basis
  2. How much water you could be saving with more efficient fixtures and appliances

You may be surprised to see how quickly the gallons add up... and how easy it is to reduce your use!




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YOUR Total Daily Use & Savings

Fixture/Appliance Your Use
Efficient Use
Shower & Bath ? ?
Bathroom Faucet ? ?
Toilet ? ?
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Dishwasher ? ?
Clothes Washer ? ?
Lawn Watering ? ?

How did we calculate the efficient use?

INDOOR - We used the following numbers:
Clothes washer 16 gals/load
Dishwasher 6.0 gals/load
Faucet aerators 1.0 gals/minute
Toilet 1.28 gals/flush
Showerhead 1.5 gals/minute
Baths Substituted by a shower (1.5 gal/min showerhead)

Flow ratings (gallons per minute) for showerheads and faucets/aerators are based on maximum possible flow, although most people do not routinely turn the water on all the way. For general estimation purposes, our calculator uses the full flow-rated number.

OUTDOOR - We assumed a 40% reduction in your current lawn watering use based on the benefits of applying Florida-friendly landscaping principles, drought tolerant plants and high-efficiency irrigation sprinklers. Depending on plant species and irrigation technology, your savings could be as high as 90%!

Calculations for current lawn watering amounts are based on the following assumptions: 5 irrigation zones per typical quarter-acre, 30 minutes per zone, 15 gallons per minute.

Your Daily Use and Potential Savings

Gallons you could be saving = XX per day