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Water Supply Benefits of Stormwater ASR in South Florida application/pdf 732.09 KB
Utilities Conserve Water for the Future Through ASR Well Systems application/pdf 139.77 KB
Three Local Partner Agreements to Benefit Big Cypress Basin application/pdf 116.17 KB
The Boynton Beach ASR System - Lessons for the Utility and Regulatory Community in South Florida application/pdf 593.72 KB
Tampa's Integrated ASR Program: Optimization of Supply to Meet Demand application/pdf 1.63 MB
Support ASR Letter Compilation application/pdf 6.02 MB
SFWMM - Special Investigation : Alternative D13R without Lake Belt Reservoirs and ASRs [pdf 183kb] application/pdf 182.83 KB
SFWMM - Man Pages ASR Input [pdf 257kb] application/pdf 256.03 KB
SFWMD ASR Facilities (October 2008) application/pdf 757.87 KB
ROG: Aquifer Storage and Recovery Update, May 20, 2010 application/pdf 4.93 MB
Regional Applications of Aquifer Storage and Recovery application/pdf 680.71 KB
Reducing the High Cost of an ASR Test Well application/pdf 753.12 KB
Operations Update for 2016/02/19: Unprecedented Actions to Lower Regional Water Levels application/pdf 112.22 KB
Operational Considerations and Recommendations for the Everglades Restoration ASR Scheme application/pdf 11.16 MB
Lake Okeechobee Sediment Management Feasibility Study Final Work Plan for the Evaluation of Alternatives, March 2002 application/pdf 1.75 MB
Form 0188-QASR Quarterly Report of Injections and Withdrawals for Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Wells application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document 27.59 KB
Form 0188-QASR Quarterly Report of Injections and Withdrawals for Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Wells application/pdf 31.19 KB
Construction and Testing of an Upper Floridan Aquifer Monitor Well, L-63N CANAL ASR SITE - Okeechobee, Florida application/pdf 10.33 MB
AWS - Guidelines for Funding application/pdf 7.84 KB
ASR Wells: The Path Ahead application/pdf 1.37 MB
ASR System Permitting Matrix application/pdf 63.98 KB
ASR Potential Water Storage Alternatives for South Florida application/pdf 3.83 MB
ASR Permitting - A Historical and Future Perspective application/pdf 1018.56 KB
ASR Issues for South Florida's Long Term Water Supplies application/pdf 701.33 KB
ASR in South Florida Long and Short Term Benefits application/pdf 365.92 KB
ASR at the SFWMD - CERP and Beyond application/pdf 5.99 MB
ASR - AWWA Research Foundation - Publication 17, March 2001 application/pdf 362.44 KB
Aquifer Storage and Recovery (Robert Verrastro) application/pdf 2.14 MB
Aquifer Storage and Recovery video/x-flv 19.01 MB
A Cautious Look at ASR in South Florida from a Public Viewpoint application/pdf 583.72 KB