DYK: 2022 Florida Python Challenge® Breaks Record

A record-breaking 231 invasive Burmese pythons were removed from the Greater Everglades Ecosystem during the 2022 Florida Python Challenge®, marking the largest number of destructive snakes ever captured as part of the annual competition. 

Did you know invasive pythons are one of the most harmful invasive species in the Everglades, preying upon native birds, mammals and even alligators? Safely capturing and eliminating these destructive snakes protects native wildlife and our one-of-a-kind Everglades ecosystem.

SFWMD, FWC Hunters Remove Record Breaking Invasive Python from the Everglades

Python elimination hunters Kevin Pavlidis (left) and Ryan Ausburn (right) hold their record breaking 18 foot 9 inch python eliminated as part of SFWMD and FWC's python elimination program.


Python removal agents working for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) recently broke the record for the longest Burmese python eliminated in Florida.