SFWMD Governing Board Declares April Water Conservation Month

The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) Governing Board today declared April to be Water Conservation Month, an annual declaration highlighting the District's efforts with communities, utilities, and local partners to encourage water conservation efforts.

Demand for water is projected to increase by 533 million gallons per year (15 percent increase) Districtwide over the next 20 years. These projected demands could be reduced by using water more efficiently through conservation measures.

Citizen Science: How You Can Help SFWMD Identify Species On District Lands


Biologists are often approached by people asking them to identify animals and plants they have photographed with their phones. Most biologists love helping others to identify these organisms because it’s fun to share their knowledge and bond over a common interest – but did you know that it’s possible to have the expertise of a biologist at your fingertips?