Smart Irrigation Helps Conserve Water Year-Round

The summer season brings warm temperatures, bright sunshine – and an increased demand for water to irrigate lawns, gardens, and landscapes. Did you know you can help conserve South Florida’s precious water resources by watering wisely and following local irrigation ordinances?

July is Smart Irrigation Month, and we’re highlighting the ways South Floridians can make every drop count and save money this summer while supporting the protection of our water resources.

SFWMD's Digital Assets Showcase the Beauty of South Florida’s Environmental Lands

Did you know the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) provides easy access to photos and videos that highlight South Florida’s diverse ecosystem and water resources?

As we celebrate Nature Photography Day tomorrow, June 15, the SFWMD is showcasing our online photo collection of Everglades restoration projects, natural landscapes, wildlife and more.

Plan Your Next Adventure on SFWMD's Public Lands

Did you know the South Florida Water Management District is the steward for more than one million acres of public lands?

In celebration of Great Outdoors Month in Florida, we’re highlighting the many ways the public can explore the great outdoors and enjoy the summer sunshine on SFWMD lands. 

SFWMD staff has taken great strides to enhance and expand the recreational activities that are available on District-owned property from Orlando to the Florida Keys.

Water Managers Work Around the Clock to Support Flood Protection in South Florida

The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) operates hundreds of structures and thousands of miles of canals/levees all to move water and support flood control in South Florida. But it’s not just our agency that moves water in our region. Did you know that South Florida has an interconnected drainage system, and that flood control in South Florida is a shared responsibility between the District, county and city governments, local drainage districts, HOAs, and residents?  

SFWMD Employees Protect and Safeguard South Florida’s Water Resources

Did you know the men and women of the South Florida Water Management District are responsible for advancing Everglades restoration, ensuring water supply, and providing flood protection for more than 9 million residents in South Florida? SFWMD employees work from Orlando to the Florida Keys to carry out the District’s mission and meet the region’s water needs. 

Celebrating Earth Day! SFWMD Continues to Make Historic Progress Advancing Everglades Restoration

The South Florida Water Management District, along with our local, state and federal partners, works on the largest ecosystem restoration project in the world: Restoring America's Everglades. Did you know that our historic progress will support the ecological health of South Florida's natural resources and protect the Everglades for future generations?

Explore the District's Map Gallery

Did you know the South Florida Water Management District features a map gallery with an abundance of maps including the most up-to-date restoration projects map, historic maps and water quality monitoring maps? You have access to interactive mapping applications, informative story maps, and downloadable-GIS layers.

Get started with these tools!