How a Partnership with Ducks Unlimited is Helping to Restore 11,000-acres of Floodplain in the Kissimmee Watershed


Did you know that Gardner-Cobb Marsh is the largest District property near the Kissimmee Upper Chain of Lakes? The Gardner-Cobb Marsh consists of 11,000-acres of land nestled in the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes watershed between Cypress Lake, Lake Hatchineha and Lake Kissimmee. Gentle slopes in elevation of mere inches results in a rolling landscape that produces a contrast in natural communities. Swamps, pine flatwoods and wet prairie are the dominant habitats found here, and in the fall and spring they burst with an array of wildflowers. 

White Ibis Roosting and Nesting Monitored by SFWMD Biologists


The South Florida Water Management District and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently celebrated the completion of the Kissimmee River restoration, one of the largest ecosystem restoration projects in the world. While providing excellent navigation and flood control benefits, the previous channelization of the river left the ecosystem with major negative consequences for native birds and wildlife. The restoration effort restored more than 40 square miles of the river floodplain ecosystem, 44 miles of the historic river channel and 20,000 acres of wetlands. 

The Men and Women of SFWMD Are Always Ready for a Storm

When severe weather approaches South Florida, our staff closely monitor the storm and prepare the water management system for excessive rainfall. Canals are lowered to allow the flood control system to operate at full capacity, and our professional staff coordinate with local governments to strongly encourage all local drainage districts to prepare their systems for excess stormwater. 

Protecting Your Public Lands

Everyone loves South Florida’s subtropical climate – including invasive plants and animals! Invasive species are well-established throughout South Florida’s natural habitats; this invasion can result in the displacement of native species, loss of habitat, alteration of hydrology, changes in natural fire conditions and degradation of public use areas.

Get to Know SFWMD's Nine-Person Governing Board

Did You Know: the South Florida Water Management District is the largest water management district in Florida and has nine Governing Board members who set policy for the agency? The Governing Board members work to advance the restoration of the Everglades, the largest ecosystem restoration effort in the world. In addition, they oversee thousands of miles of flood control infrastructure and ensure water for millions of Florida families and businesses.

Water Wisely This Summer to Support our Region's Water Resources


Many South Florida residents irrigate their yards year-round, with more than 50% of annual home water use being used for outdoor watering or irrigation. However, it is not uncommon for residents to apply double the amount of water (or more) than actually needed to maintain a healthy, vibrant landscape. South Florida yards normally only need to be irrigated up to twice a week for 15 minutes.  

Did you know? Smart irrigation helps water users save money while protecting South Florida's water resources? A win/win.