DYK: It's World Water Day

Together with our local, state and federal partners, the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) continues to make significant progress on key projects that are improving the quantity, quality, timing and distribution of water within the Greater Everglades Ecosystem. 

Did you know the SFWMD works on some of the largest and most complex water quality and ecosystem restoration projects in the world?     

DYK: New Environmental Report Details Historic Momentum for Everglades Restoration

The South Florida Environmental Report highlights another banner year of progress for Everglades restoration and water quality across Central and Southern Florida.  

From historic progress on key restoration projects, to improved wading bird nesting, to record hydration in the Everglades, the annual report documents the continued momentum and success of Everglades projects throughout the South Florida Water Management District’s 16-county region.

DYK: World Wildlife Day Highlights SFWMD’s Efforts to Restore South FL’s Ecosystems

The South Florida Water Management District restores and protects natural ecosystems that provide important habitat for native wildlife species. Did you know Florida’s native birds and wildlife are a key indicator for the success of Everglades restoration?

In recognition of World Wildlife Day, we are giving thanks to SFWMD's wildlife biologists, land managers and other staff who work year-round to protect South Florida’s native wildlife, including the gopher tortoise, the Eastern Indigo snake, Black-necked stilts and Florida burrowing owls.

DYK: Invasive Species Awareness Week Highlights Importance of Protecting Public Lands and Removing Destructive Pythons

Burmese pythons, Melaleuca, Brazilian pepper trees, and other harmful invasive species can damage critical habitat, harm native wildlife and alter the ecology of our natural systems. Did you know the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) is taking aggressive action to protect nearly 1.5 million acres of public land, natural areas, canals and levees from these persistent pests?

DYK: World Wetlands Day Highlights Importance of Protecting South FL’s Water Resources

From flood protection and water quality, to wildlife habitat and outdoor recreational opportunities, wetlands provide numerous benefits for people and the environment.

Did you know the South Florida Water Management District works year-round to protect and restore thousands of acres of wetlands throughout our 16-county region? In fact, the largest wetland restoration efforts in the world are located right here in South Florida.