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TOC Meeting Notes from June 16, 2006 application/pdf 25.86 KB
Refuge Long-term Levels, Water Years 1999 - 2006 application/vnd.ms-excel 1.68 MB
TOC Meeting Agenda June 16, 2006 application/pdf 67.39 KB
Questions for TOC Policy Makers application/pdf 10.12 KB
USEPA Determination Under Section 303(c) of the Clean Water Act Review of FAC 62-302.540 Water Quality Standards for Phosphorus within the Everglades Protection Area application/pdf 1.39 MB
Summary of Quarterly Water Coordination Meeting for A.R.M. Loxahatchee NWR April 10, 2006 application/pdf 29.85 KB
Phosphorus Criterion Monitoring Network White Paper application/pdf 13.21 KB
Lake Okeechobee Regulation Schedule Study Presentation application/pdf 271.57 KB
Draft Language for Clarifying Marsh Sampling Requirements in Monitoring Plan application/pdf 20.05 KB
Comparison of Class III P Concentrations with the Long-term Levels for the Refuge Presentation application/pdf 134.04 KB
Memo re: Comparison of Florida Class III P Concentrations & the Long-term Levels of the Consent Decree for the Refuge application/pdf 21.31 KB
Memo to Special Master re: Everglades Ambient P-criterion Monitoring Network application/pdf 543.16 KB
Five-Year Summary of Operations Affecting WCA-1 application/pdf 1.72 MB
Summary of Operations Affecting the Refuge application/pdf 889.77 KB
Technical Comments on the Draft Marsh Monitoring Network Presented by FDEP on 17 August 2005 application/pdf 18.78 KB
Update on Field Sampling Procedures Presentation application/pdf 62.49 KB
USEPA Comments on FDEP August 17 Everglades Marsh TP Stations application/pdf 23.38 KB