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TOC Meeting Notes from May 23, 2006 application/pdf 29.8 KB
Summary & Information Regarding the WCA-1 Temporary Deviation (TD) Implemented 22 April 2005 application/pdf 300.19 KB
Statistical Comparison of TP Data from FDEP & SFWMD Labs in the Period of 2000-2004 application/pdf 901.9 KB
TP Analyses Inter-Laboratory Differences between SFWMD and FDEP? Presentation application/pdf 561.17 KB
STA Update Presentation application/pdf 1012.73 KB
STA-1W, Cell 5 Sediment, Topographic and Vegetative Enhancements application/pdf 1.43 MB
2006, 1st quarter - Settlement Agreement Report, January - March 2006 application/pdf 1.03 MB
Settlement Agreement Presentation, January - March 2006 application/pdf 170.8 KB
S-12D Flow-way Maintenance Plan application/pdf 1.78 MB
Time Series Plots of TP and Alkalinity Concentration Before and After Installation of Splash Guard (Project RAIN) application/pdf 551.09 KB
2006, 1st quarter - Quality Assessment Report for Water Quality Monitoring, January - March 2006 application/pdf 280.07 KB
Project RAIN Table application/pdf 8.65 KB
Requests for Modifications to Settlement Agreement Mandated Monitoring Presentation application/pdf 829.19 KB
Memo re: PSTA Project Status application/pdf 28.45 KB
Technical Comments on the Draft Marsh Monitoring Network Presented by FDEP on 17 August 2005 application/pdf 18.78 KB
Project RAIN Flagged Data Summarized by Station and Period application/pdf 14.7 KB
Project RAIN Flag Rates Summarized by Station, Period and Test Name application/pdf 22.35 KB
Update on Field Sampling Procedures Presentation application/pdf 62.49 KB
Everglades P Criterion Monitoring Network Presentation application/pdf 468.71 KB
USEPA Comments on FDEP August 17 Everglades Marsh TP Stations application/pdf 23.38 KB
Request to Discontinue Wet Atmospheric Deposition Monitoring Presentation application/pdf 305.95 KB
TOC Meeting Agenda May 23, 2006 application/pdf 74.27 KB