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Assessing Long-Term Ecological Effects of Fire on Accelerating Recovery in a P-enriched Everglades Wetland (The Fire Project) Presentation application/pdf 1.29 MB
STA-1 West Recover Plan application/pdf 103.75 KB
Requests for Modifications to Settlement Agreement Mandated Monitoring at Three Structures and Preview of Future Requests Presentation application/pdf 736.61 KB
Refuge TSS Concentration Data application/pdf 91 KB
Refuge TP Concentration Data application/pdf 106.61 KB
Refuge TP Compliance Table application/pdf 79.74 KB
Memo to TOC re: Refuge Response to State's Reports on May and June 2005 EVPA Sampling Events application/pdf 69.7 KB
Refuge EVPA Data, May - June 2005 application/pdf 1.06 MB
Proposed TOC Resolution application/pdf 18.26 KB
TOC Working Group Evidence Handout May - June application/pdf 511.75 KB
Proposed Revisions to the Long-Term Plan for Achieving Everglades WQ Goals Presentation application/pdf 236.05 KB
TOC Meeting Agenda Oct. 18, 2005 application/pdf 72.81 KB
Technical Support Document on Data Quality of WQ Data Collected during the May & June 2005 Monitoring Events for the SFWMD EVPA (LOX) and Refuge LOXA Projects application/pdf 88.07 KB
Assessment of the Quality of May-June 2005 TP Data & the Monitoring Processes for EVPA (LOX) Project application/pdf 180.82 KB
Enhanced WQ Monitoring & Modeling Program for the A.R.M. LWNR Quarterly Update Report - September 2005 application/pdf 958.15 KB
Depth to Consolidated Sediment and Floc Depth at Refuge EVPA Sites application/pdf 67.47 KB
Cattail Habitat Improvement Sampling Effort Presentation application/pdf 689.56 KB
Approximate Location of Cattail Habitat Improvement Plots & Transect Sites in WCA2A Map application/pdf 3.57 MB
Cattail Habitat Improvement Project & Fire Project Presentation application/pdf 73.42 KB