SUMICA, once slated for watermelon farming, is the site of a former logging community and sawmill. It's nestled beside the 7,500-acre Lake Walk-in-Water or "Lake Weohyakapka." Boasting an expanse of pine flatwoods, the land also supports a diversity of marshes and a picturesque oak hammock. Enjoy a short boardwalk and observation deck in the sawgrass marsh, which is next to a scenic cypress dome. The sun-dappled, leaf-carpeted oak hammock is a perfect place to stroll, too. Look for an unusual, artistic sight by the lake. Someone carved a three-foot tall likeness of a woman into the face of an old-growth oak. For a longer hike, enjoy the four miles of hiking trails on the property. Horseback riders can explore nearly seven miles of trail. You can picnic, camp (primitive) and bicycle as well.

Bring your fishing pole. Lake-Walk-in-Water is a popular fishing spot. It has good water clarity because of an abundance of hydrilla and it is shallow, averaging between five and six feet deep. Numerous stands of bulrush and eel grass benefit the fishery. The best access to fishing is by boat. Nearby ramps are available. Boat trails through the hydrilla allow maneuverability.

The county arranges special opportunity hog hunts periodically.

SUMICA is an acronym for the name of a French entity that ran the logging operation.

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  • Proceed on S.R. 60 approximately 10 miles east of Lake Wales. The property is located just north of Indian Lakes Estates. The parking area is three quarters of a mile southeast of Tiger Lake Road or one quarter mile northwest of Sam Keene Road on the southwest side of S.R. 60.

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