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Welcome to SFWMD web conferencing using WebBoards. We are committed to providing the public with the ability to participate online in discussion forums or in real-time interactive sessions on subjects that are important to the many communities that we serve. With these Web Bulletin Boards, we are able to bring individuals together who are geographically dispersed to solve problems, pursue common interests, and provide review and comments. Our goal is to foster communication globally or locally among people with common interests whether their background is professional, civic, or social. WebBoards can be used anywhere, any time with the use of a web browser.

SFWMD Peer Review Forums

  • Lower West Coast Surficial & Intermediate Aquifer System Model
  • DRAFT South Florida Environmental Report (SFER)
    This WebBoard provides annual Peer Review and Public comment on the draft SFER. The South Florida Environmental Report provides an annual update of agency reporting on Everglades, Lake Okeechobee, Kissimmee Basin and Coastal Ecosystems.
  • SFWMD Annual Permit Reports
    This WebBoard provides for annual review and comment on the SFWMD permit reports. Annual Permit Reports are included as Volume III of the draft SFER.
  • MFLs and Water Reservations Technical Document Peer Review for Rule Development
    This WebBoard serves as a nexus of communication between independent scientific peer review panelists, stakeholders and SFWMD staff. It provides the public with the opportunity to observe and participate in the review of the technical documents, data, modeling and assumptions used to draft rules that will protect natural system waters. Scientific peer review panels are convened to review technical information used to support the establishment of a minimum flow and level or a water reservation rule. Members of the public are encouraged to participate in this process and may ask questions or present relevant scientific data to the peer review panelist during their evaluations. All such comments will be included in the rule development record.
  • East Coast Floridan Aquifer System Model
    The East Coast Floridan Aquifer System Model is a density dependent flow model that was developed by Golder Associates Inc. on behalf of SFWMD. The model was developed using SEAWAT-2000. The Web Forum serves as a repository to allow Panelists to submit their comments on the documentation and to distribute documents such as the Draft and Final Peer Review Reports.

SFWMD Projects Forums

  • Western Basins Water Resource Evaluation Study
    The project provides the foundation for a broader evaluation of potential hydrologic and water quality improvements in the Western Everglades and result in a Basin Watershed Management Plan
  • Restoration Strategies Regional Water Quality Plan, Science Plan for the Everglades Stormwater Treatment Areas (STAs)
    This WebBoard provided a forum for public comment on the Science Plan for the Everglades Stormwater Treatment Areas. The Science Plan is intended to provide the overall framework for development and coordination of science activities to identify the critical factors that collectively influence phosphorus reduction and treatment performance in order to meet the state's Water Quality Based Effluent Limit for total phosphorus. The Science Plan was published and made available on the Restoration Strategies webpage at www.sfwmd.gov/restorationstrategies on June 7, 2013.
  • C-139/Western Basins Regional Feasibility Study Project
    This WebBoard has been established to assist in disseminating information and documents to interested parties within the C-139 Basin Region. It will also be used to receive for consideration, interested parties' comments related to the Study documents. While we will continue with on-site meetings and interactions with interested parties, this WebBoard will be used as another tool to disseminate information and receive comments related to the Study.
  • The Loxahatchee Impoundment Landscape Assessment (LILA)
    The Loxahatchee Impoundment Landscape Assessment facility or LILA is a physical model of the Everglades. This living laboratory is located on the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. LILA is a facility designed to help scientists, engineers and the general public better understand the effects of flowing water on the soil, plant and wildlife communities of the Everglades. The purpose of this WebBoard is to facilitate an exchange of information between the researchers and managers, and provide a forum for the public to follow the development of the project.
  • Everglades Mercury/Sulfur Monitoring and Research WebBoard
    This WebBoard has been established to assist in disseminating information and documents to interested parties working on mercury/sulfur monitoring and research in the Greater Everglades ecosystem. While we will continue with the quarterly mercury/sulfur teleconference and annual workshop, this WebBoard will be used as another tool to distribute information and receive comments related to the mercury/sulfur monitoring and research in the Everglades.
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