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In Broward County, urban South Florida meets the Everglades like nowhere else. A 38-mile stretch of the East Coast Protective Levee provides flood protection for western Broward communities and retains water in Water Conservation Areas 2 and 3, sections of remnant Everglades wetlands. In addition to its critical role in maintaining the levee and the regional flood control system, the South Florida Water Management District works with its partners in Broward County to improve stormwater management and protect water supplies for more than 1.8 million residents, 13.4 million visitors and 31 cities.

Regional Representatives develop partnerships with local governments and drainage districts, utilities, community groups and other stakeholders in Broward County and create a better understanding of local water resource issues through outreach and education activities.

  • Fort Lauderdale Field Station
    2535 Davie Road
    Davie, FL 33317
    (954) 452-4814
    Fax: (954) 452-4825
    Map [PDF]

  • Clarke Harlow, an appointee representing Broward County
  • Kevin Powers, Vice-Chair and an at-large appointee representing areas including Broward County
  • Melanie Peterson, an at-large appointee representing areas including Broward County

Hillsboro Canal Bank Stabilization Project  (updated November 2015)

The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) has begun a multiyear effort to ensure a 10.5-mile section of the Hillsboro Canal can continue to provide adequate flood protection for residents of Palm Beach and Broward counties. The project will improve the stability of canal banks that have eroded over decades of service, and it will restore the canal to its designed capacity by dredging accumulated sediment.

The first phase of construction, which began in October 2013 with a 3-mile section of the canal west of U.S. Highway 441/State Road 7, was completed in November 2014. The second construction phase started in June 2014 with a section of canal between U.S. Highway 441/State Road 7 and the SFWMD's G‑56 Structure just west of Military Trail. This phase is expected to be completed in May 2016.

Task Force and Coordination Teams
  • Broward County Water Resources Task Force and Technical Team: The Broward County Water Resources Task Force was formed in September 2008. Participants include representatives from Broward County, municipalities, independent districts the South Florida Water Management District and other state and county agencies.
  • C-51 Reservoir Project: This project would capture and store excess stormwater for water supply purposes while also managing freshwater flows into Lake Worth Lagoon.
    In May 2013, the South Florida Water Management District signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Palm Beach Aggregates to develop the overall process for the permitting, construction and operation and maintenance of the reservoir. The MOU outlines the framework in which Palm Beach Aggregates will evaluate governance and finance of the project, develop agreements with participating utilities and design and build the facility. SFWMD responsibilities under the MOU are to evaluate regulatory and operational issues, to provide assistance in analysis of water conveyance and permitting, to review plans and specifications for construction and to develop an operations and maintenance agreement.
    In April 2014, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection issued an environmental resource permit to Palm Beach Aggregates for construction of Phase 1 of the project and conceptual approval for Phase 2. The District has reviewed plans and specifications developed by Palm Beach Aggregates for the reservoir. The District and Palm Beach Aggregates are preparing the draft operations and maintenance agreement and regulatory evaluation. In addition, Palm Beach Aggregates is developing agreements with participating utilities.
  • Broward County Know the Flow Course: This free, half-day seminar provides an overview of water management in South Florida with a specific emphasis on what Broward County residents and property managers can do to better manage and conserve water resources. The course was developed through a cooperative project between Broward County and the South Florida Water Management District. more »
  • Broward County Surface Water Coordination Committee: Considers stormwater and flood control issues affecting drainage districts and South Florida Water Management District operations and maintenance.
  • Broward County Water Advisory Board and Technical Advisory Committee: Advises Board to the County Commission on water issues.
  • Broward Everglades Working Group: Working to improve water quality in the C-11 basin.
  • Broward League of Cities: Informs cities within Broward County about local, county and state legislative issues.
  • Broward County Planning Council: Discusses and coordinates multi-jurisdictional planning.
  • Emergency Coordinating Council: Promotes coordination among municipalities and local and state agencies that are represented in the Broward Emergency Operations Center.
  • Environmental Conservation Organization: Topics include environmental education in schools, local projects by council members, community environmental events, working with Environmental Education Providers-Miami Dade County, planning local Envirothon and Stewardship awards. more »
  • Partners in Education: Promoting partnerships with local schools.
  • South Florida Regional Planning Council: Identifies the long-term challenges and opportunities facing Southeast Florida and assists the Region's leaders in developing and implementing creative strategies that result in more prosperous and equitable communities, a healthier and cleaner environment and a more vibrant economy.

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  • Lorraine Mayers – Regional Representative
    (954) 452-4814, ext. 4989

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