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A broad cross section of state, local and federal governments and groups are involved in Everglades Restoration - as well as in offering guidelines and resources for residents and visitors who want to help. Individuals and communities can help save the Everglades. How? By making small and large changes in and around their homes and businesses, and by supporting the larger, long-term efforts to protect and restore our shared natural resources.

Links to sites that can help you get involved can be found below. In addition, a wide variety of publications, videos and other resources can be downloaded from the Helpful Resources section of this site.

Landscape & Water Conservation

bullet Best Practices (BMPs) for So. Fl. Homeowners & Landscape Pros (web site outlining a Broward Co. based program with tips for homeowners and landscape professionals)

bullet Institute for Regional Conservation - Natives for Your Neighborhood - a web-based tool that allows you to plug in your zip code, and get expert advise on the best native plants for your landscape!

bullet *BMPs for So. Fl. Urban Stormwater Management Systems* [2.1 MB PDF - 70 pages]

bullet Broward County Water Matters

bullet Broward County NatureScape

bullet Florida Yards & Neighborhoods (Univ. of Fl. Extension Service landscaping help)

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Everglades In Depth

bullet Everglades Protection Area Tributary Basins - Long Term Plan for Achieving Water Quality Goals [PDF]

bullet More on the Long Term Plan

bullet More on Everglades programs

bullet Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan

Have you ever wanted to participate in making important decisions affecting the Everglades restoration? Help us by getting involved in the restoration process!

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Students of All Ages

bullet Exploring Florida - Social studies resources for teachers & students

Water Supply Planning

Lower East Coast

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